McMorran Place

Sports & Entertainment Center

About Us

History of McMorran 

The history of McMorran Place dates all the way back to 1958 when well-known architect Alden Dow designed the complex. The doors open in January of 1960 and has hosted large names such as KISS, Johnny Cash, Ted Nugent, Willy Nelson, & Aerosmith, just to name a few and not to mention we also hosted President Gerald Ford who gave a speech here. The history strumming through our walls and nostalgia are just two of the reasons to come and join us for events.

Located in the heart of Port Huron’s downtown, McMorran Place annually hosts hundreds of successful conventions, trade shows, concerts, banquets, ice shows, corporate meetings and seminars, as well as hockey for all ages and offers ample parking. You can’t miss us either driving along main st, just look for our iconic Night and Day Fountain sculpted by Marshall Fredricks, sometimes the fountain is even dressed for our events.

Night and Day Fountain Sculpted by Marshall Fredericks

The McMorran Complex is owned by the City of Port Huron and operated under the direction of the City Council-appointed Henry McMorran Auditorium Authority, which was established in 1956, four years before the Auditorium opened.  The complex consists of the Arena and the Theater.

The McMorran Complex offers up to 22,000 square foot of exhibition space ideal for any event you are looking to attend or planning to host yourself. Please come and visit us soon!

McMorran Place is the home of:

  • Port Huron Prowlers

  • Port Huron Minor Hockey Association

  • Port Huron Civic Theatre

  • International Symphony Orchestra

  • Port Huron Town Hall

  • Nutcracker Ballet Theatre Company

Our Team

Nancy Winzer

General Manager

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  • Phone: (810) 985-6166
  • Extension: 102

Rob Churchill

Operations Manager

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  • Phone: (810) 985-6166
  • Extension: 107

Natalie Watson

Marketing Manager

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  • Phone: (810) 985-6166
  • Extension: 103

Toni George

Administrative Assistant

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  • Phone: (810) 985-6166
  • Extension: 106

Terri Hendrick

Food & Beverage Manager

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  • Phone: (810) 985-6166
  • Extension: 105

Roger Hansel

Technical Director

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  • Phone: (810) 985-6166
  • Extension: 118

McMorran Civic Center Authority

Jack K. Belyea

Robert A. Eppley

Korissa S. Wilkins

B. Mark Neal

Ed Brennan

Sherry Archibald

Upcoming McMorran Authority Meeting

The McMorran Authority will meet Wednesday August 23rd at 7:30am. Public welcome.